EMCO, Abbotsford, BC*

This is a 7-storey high-rise new construction office building.

A Water Source Heat Pump (WSHP) system was chosen and designed for this multi-tenant office building to provide a high comfort level, flexibility and high thermal efficiency.

To increase the thermal efficiency even further and to minimize the utility cost (gas and electric bills), the following design ideas were implemented:

• Condensing boilers for WSHP loop heat injection;

• A multi-stage fluid cooler for WSHP loop heat rejection;

• A heat recovery unit for the building ventilation system that exchanges the energy between the outdoor air and the exhaust air of the building.

Project completed in 2011.

Henlong Building, Surrey, BC*

This is new construction non-combustible building for a large supermarket (Henlong Market) on the main floor & multi-tenant offices on the upper floors.

The building contains two (2) underground parking levels.

Project completed in 2012.

IUOE, Burnaby, BC*

This is a 5-storey existing office building that was subjected to a major renovation. The new HVAC system includes: roof top units, VAV c/w reheat coils for terminal spaces, new air distribution system, air outlets, ventilation system, and Direct Digital Control system (DDC).

Also the scope included a new plumbing system as well as specifications and performance for a new fire suppression system.

Project completed in 2014.

(*) Indicates projects done while BSA’s principal was employed by other firms.