Ministry of Forest- Fire Attack Base, Castelgar, BC*

Solar-Wood pellet boiler heating system

To increase the sustainability, the HVAC system included a combined wood pellet boiler as well as a solar energy collection system designed to heat the building.

Project completed in 2010.

Best Western Hotel, Kamloops, BC*

Geothermal Project

This is a new construction 4-storey hotel - 79 suites and swimming pool.

Geothermal field area: 21,000 sq. ft.

A 30 Ton horizontal geothermal loop was designed to serve the hotel’s common spaces, such as the reception area, lounge, hallways, and swimming pool (these spaces normally will need to be at comfortable level regardless of the hotel’s occupancy or the season).

A sophisticated heat recovery ventilation system was also used to handle the humidity of the pool and to maximize the energy saving.

PTAC units used for the suites.

Project completed in 2009.

Lonsdale Commercial Office Building, North Vancouver, BC*

District Energy Heating System

This is a sustainable 4-storey office building where there is no boiler installed to heat the building. Instead the whole building is heated by the district energy system provided by Lonsdale Energy Corporation (LEC), which is owned by the City of North Vancouver. The domestic water system of the building is also heated by the district energy system via a double wall heat exchanger.

To increase the sustainability of the building and reduce the building’s domestic water consumption, a rainwater harvesting system was used to store and filter rainwater to be used in the washroom area.

Project completed in 2009.

Gibson RCMP, Gibson, BC*

Geothermal Project

This was a new construction for an RCMP building in BC. The building was air conditioned by a geothermal closed loop heat pump system. The mass of land under a nearby soccer field was utilized to install a slinky geothermal piping loop. It’s expected this geothermal system to be 30-40 % more efficient than any traditional air conditioning system.

Project completed in 2014.

(*) Indicates projects done while BSA’s principal was employed by other firms.