Boardwalk Assessment Study, 8420 Jellicoe St., Vancouver, BC*

The site includes five (5) multi-family residential buildings with a total of 180 residential suites.

A mechanical review study was conducted to review the existing condition of the buildings’ domestic water system. The final assessment reports provided mainly the following:

• Recommendations on the findings with different options and solutions;

• Budget cost for the suggested pipe upgrade options;

• Help the Strata to sequence the future pipe replacement among the 5 buildings based on the differences of the existing conditions of the domestic piping system among the buildings.

The assessment study and the report were completed in 2014.

Langara College, Vancouver, BC*

The purpose of the study was to review and evaluate the old HVAC plant serving the original buildings at Langara College campus and to provide final recommendations. The study included equipment life expectancy and performance, options for upgrades, budget cost for each suggested upgrade and pros and cons for each option.

The assessment study and the report were completed in 2008.

(*) Indicates projects done while BSA’s principal was employed by other firms.