SPI Pharmaceutical Industries, SA

The scope included designing the HVAC system for the facility to serve the pharmaceutical production. The ventilation system of clean rooms was designed according to Good Manufacturing Practices rules (GMP) and to ASHRAE Standards.

The challenge was to design an HVAC system that will provide a high level of clean air while keeping the operation cost at a minimum.

To handle the required high rates of air circulation with the lowest feasible operation cost, the HVAC system was designed with the following criteria: double-skin air handling units, high efficiency fans, multi stages air filtration including HEPA filters, and separate air handling units system to handle cooling/heating load of the clean rooms.

This factory included different types of clean rooms with different classes:

• Class A - ISO 5 (ventilation rates used: 500 air change/hr).

• Class C - ISO 8 (ventilation rates used: 40-50 air change/hr).

• ISO and GMP credited facility for drugs production.

Project completed in 2003.

McDonald Clean Room, Vancouver, BC

This new TI project is for a new pharmaceutical drug production. The project included designing an HVAC system for clean rooms class ISO 8 and ISO 7 to meet drug production specifications.

The project is currently under tender.